• September 27, 2022

The face of a Mesolithic teenage girl has been reconstructed

The face of a Mesolithic teenage girl was reconstructed

A team of Swedish archaeologists, together with colleagues from the University of Athens, has reconstructed the face of a teenage girl from the Mesolithic period. The remains of Avga, as the girl was named, were found in 1993 in one of the Greek caves located in the region of Thessaly.

The age of the bones found 25 years ago in the Theopetra cave in Thessaly was estimated to be about 9,000 years old. As the researchers noted, Awgi lived at a time when humanity was transitioning from a culture of folk In gatherer-hunter to sedentary, agricultural lifestyle. Hence her nickname – Avgi in Greek means „dawn”.

The girl’s age at the time of her death, based on research pr bek bones and tooth , was estimated to be about 15-18 years old. Researchers have not determined the causes of her death. All that is known is that she suffered from anemia, scurvy, and arthritis .

To reconstruct the face of a teenage girl composite A team consisting of a neurologist, endocrinologist, orthopedist, orthodontist, radiologist and pathologist from Athens University and a Swedish archaeologist-sculptor first used a scan of the skull to print a model of it using 3D printing technology. On it was estimated the thickness of tissue and muscle in the The jaws of the skull. This was followed by the addition of a sc hand and hair and eyes.

Face, which he image obtained by the above steps appears to have a crude face. Researchers suggest that such an appearance was wsp An important feature of ancient times. They also note the protruding jaw, which they believe is due to frequent chewing sk ry animals.

Scientists reconstructing the face of a Mesolithic teenager wanted to give people an idea of what people of that time looked like.