• October 5, 2022

An ancient settlement from before the time of the pharaohs has been discovered in Egypt

An ancient settlement from before the time of the pharaohs has been discovered in Egypt

In the Nile Delta, archaeologists have stumbled upon a Neolithic settlement that was inhabited as early as 7,000 years ago. This is one of the oldest settlements discovered in the region and is older than the pyramids at Giza by 2,500 years.

Archaeologists have discovered in the Nile Delta the remains of an ancient settlement, kt ra was established about 5,000 years p.n.e. The Neolithic site is located about 140 kilometers in the p l North of Cairo – reported the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

French-Egyptian composite ł archaeologist led by Frederic Gio found several silos at the site probably used to store food. They found organic matter – animal bones and plant remains, which allowed them to estimate the age of the settlement.

Researchers have also found the remains of ceramic vessels and stone tools, indicating a stable community.

These discoveries give archaeologists a chance to learn more about prehistoric societies, which re inhabited the Nile Delta thousands of years before the legendary kr l Menes united G rny and Lower Egypt, creating the first dynasty of pharaohs .

– Analysis of the discovered biological material will give us a clearer picture of the first communities, which re settled in the Nile Delta and early in agriculture in Egypt – Nadia Khedr of Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities said.

Scientists believe that the village’s agricultural practices may have been heavily dependent on rainfall in the rain. This may shed some light on the development of the j agriculture based on irrigation systems, practiced p Then in the Nile Delta for thousands of years.

Excavations will be completed next season. Then you can expect more extensive analysis and more information about the Neolithic settlement.