• October 10, 2022

New genes have been identified that affect intelligence

New genes have been identified that affect intelligence

Intelligence is one of the more frequently studied human traits. Its higher quotient is associated with significant economic and health consequences of life.

Dutch researchers using a large data set from more than 78,000 individuals b, who re included information on intelligence test scores and genotype, they discovered new genes and biological pathways linked to intelligence. Syndrome ł scientists of the Vrije Universiteit, based in Amsterdam, has identified 52 genes associated with intelligence, 40 of which are brand new discoveries. Most of these genes is the main nie expressed in the tissue of m zgu.

– Our results are very exciting. They show very strong links with intelligence. Genes that re we identified are involved in regulating the development of com rek and are detailed lnie important in the formation of synapses. These findings provide clear indications for the first time The following are details of the basic biological mechanisms in intelligence – said study leader Danielle Posthuma.

The study found Also, not surprisingly, the impact of gen on intelligence is highly correlated with educational achievement or og human achievements. Inverse genetic correlations have been reported in Alzheimer’s disease, depressive symptoms, schizophrenia or body mass index.

– These genetic correlations shed light on the wsp lne biological pathways for the development of intelligence and other traits. The seven genes we identified related to intelligence is also linked to schizophrenia, nine of them to body mass index and four to obesity. These three traits show a negative correlation with intelligence – explained Suzanne Sniekers, who ra was also involved in the research. – Some re genes with a positive effect on intelligence have a negative effect on body mass index or obesity. They can also cause schizophrenia – She added.

The researchers acknowledged that additional studies are needed to clarify the exact role of these genes. It also needs to be explained exactly how The different genetic variants affect an individual’s intelligence. Currently, we are unable to pinpoint which re genetic variants underlie intelligence.