• October 10, 2022

Japanese scientists have created ice cream that doesn’t melt

Japanese scientists have created ice cream that doesn’t melt

A team of Japanese scientists has developed a way to produce ice cream that can withstand high temperatures. Scientists used an accidental discovery by the chef of a restaurant in Kanazawa.

The Japanese have improved one of the best snacks, kt ra cools us down on hot days. This is, of course, about ice cream. Most of them start to melt as soon as they are served to the customer. But not the ones developed by scientists from Kanazawa University. Thanks to them, we won’t have to rush to consume the gaudy sweetness.

The discovery came about by accident. The chef of a restaurant in Kanazawa was asked to find a way to use strawberries whose hose appearance did not encourage people to eat them. Japanese farmers have reported problems selling such fruit. Details lnie ci, which ers had their crops in areas affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The cook pr bowaƂ to use the fruit on sultry ways and accidentally discovered that strawberries have a strange ability to harden product in milk. This was looked at by researchers from a nearby university, kt ers found that a compound called polyphenol was responsible for this.

Polyphenol produced by strawberries inhibits the separation of water and oil molecules. After adding the compound to ice turned out to prevent rapid melting of the delicacy. After refining the recipe, the result was ice cream that re able to survive for a really long time at high temperatures.

Since the compound is extracted from strawberries, that is, it is completely natural, there was no need for a test In medical, kt re otherwise required before a compound can be released for sale. Scientists made the recipe available to local manufacturers, kt ers put it to use right away. The ice cream, which re can withstand high temperatures immediately won the customer’s approval and w kr t quickly captured the market not only in Kanazawa, but also in Tokyo and Osaka.

Below is a video of the test In the strength of the new ice cream. The video lasts a little over a minute, but recorded on it is the accelerated melting of ice cream in, which re took three hours!