• October 13, 2022

Researchers are looking for those willing to lie in bed for 60 days. They pay 16,000. euros

Researchers are looking for willing participants to lie in bed for 60 days. They pay 16 thousand. euro

Researchers at the Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology are willing to pay research participants 16,000 euros to lie on their backs and do absolutely nothing for 60 days. The ideal candidate is a healthy and fit man between the ages of 20 and 45. Candidates are not allowed to smoke a cigarette. Any allergy also precludes participation in the study.

Scientists want to thus b explore the effects of microgravity on the human body. Like astronauts spending extended periods of time in space, volunteers within two ch months of lying down will experience muscle atrophy and a decrease in bone density.

French researchers will select 24 candidates from the submitted applications. Zar no before and after the study, selected individuals will be subjected to a series of tests medical.

Although the task posed to candidates seems trivial, it will not be so at all. Of course, during the research, volunteers will not be allowed to leave the ł frog. However, they will be able to perform a number of activities such as reading books or operating a laptop computer.

Scientists want to use the example of the os b subjected to the research to check the harmful effects of a prolonged state of weightlessness on the body. Although the test subjects will not be in a microgravity environment, the ban on movement will mimic some of the re of the unpleasant consequences of a prolonged stay in space.

Researchers want to test medical remedies they created to prevent the unpleasant effects of prolonged exposure to space on volunteers. Half of those surveyed will take the drug cocktail , and half will remain without this support.

Similar research was also conducted at one time by NASA. Selected by the specialists candidate spent in ł sion three months. He received a salary of $18,000 for this. The first part of the survey has already begun. The next round is scheduled for September of this year.